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Life is extremely diverse, and so are the requirements placed on the prosthesis. We would like to restore your mobility through our prosthetic supplies. Many everyday and leisure activities can be taken on without serious constraint, using the most modern prosthetic systems.

The prerequisite here is always having the care which is appropriate to the individual requirements. Radspieler Orthopaedic Technology offers you complete care, from the technology to high-quality cosmetics.

lower legs

Key advantages of Polaris System

  • savings of costs, time and materials
  • socket finished in 5 minutes
  • easy to use
  • all advantages of Symphonie Aqua casting (e.g. full weight bearing, detection of characteristic structures, such as scar tissue, bony structures, sensitive areas in the residual limb
  • anatomy generates the custom-fit prosthetic socket
  • No additional materials e.g. plaster
  • Start curing whenever you are ready – no time pressure, no rush
  • full process control
  • Thermoformable and reworkable
  • Can be overlaminated in any design
  • Vacuum sealed material
  • Custom-fit prosthetic socket in just one step
lower legs

Test our prosthetic systems in advance

Whatever the requirements and needs may be, our staff works out the appropriate solution with the customer. That is why the Radspieler Centre for Mobility makes it possible to test certain prosthesis systems and prosthetic feet beforehand, in order to generate the best solution.

lower legs

Radspieler Orthopaedic Technology offers all worldwide leading prosthetic systems

In order to provide optimal care, Radspieler Orthopaedic Technology offers all worldwide leading prosthetic systems.


We work with the Symphonie Aqua System –
the revolution in impression technology for prosthetic sockets

Employing an innovative process, the Symphonie Aqua System is able to carefully observe the residual limb situation under full body weight and the compression that accompanies it.

More information about the SAS System

Our commitment to your life

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lower legs

Radspieler / Brochure
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lower legs

Symphonie Aqua Line, Booklet
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What our patients say

Etienne, a future organic farmer from France

Etienne, a future organic farmer from France, loves his prostheses: “And why shouldn’t I?” he asks.
“I’m proud of my prosthesis and that’s why I show it self-confidently. And why shouldn’t I? It allows me to once again enjoy my life without complaint.”

Etienne, France


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