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Individual mobility with prostheses

Enjoy life to the fullest –amble downtown without a care with the family, ride a bike through the park with friends, go cross-country skiing or perhaps take a hiking tour in the mountains.

Femoral Femoral

As varied as life is, the demands on a prosthesis are also numerous.

Modern prostheses from worldwide leading manufacturers allow you to maintain or resume your mobility. Using current systems, you can take on many daily and leisure activities without major limitations. Naturally, a prerequisite is having care that meets one’s individual needs.

Innovative knee joint systems enable, for example, the gait cycle to be guided in real time. Whether climbing stairs or in shopping crowds, taking a relaxed walk or walking quickly to work, current systems conform automatically to every walking situation. The danger of falling has been significantly reduced. You do not have to pay attention to every step, saving energy and allowing yourself to concentrate on the important moments in life.

The more physiological movement simultaneously goes easier on your body. Intelligent knee joints recognize the demand, adapt to the current requirements and provide certainty, comfort and regained freedom of movement to femoral amputees.

Having unlimited movement equals having a new quality of life, whether for one’s occupation or in daily life.

We are happy to advise you. We also offer you the exclusive opportunity of testing our prosthetic systems and prosthetic feet, in order to help you find – together with our experienced technicians -- the best solution for you.


The Symphonie Aqua System VC TT
(Cylinder for lower leg)

The Symphonie Aqua System VC TT enables the precise and accurate registration of the soft tissues and bony structures of the lower leg stump under full load. For the fitting of knee-ex amputations, the Aqua Gel cushions support the optimal final load during impression.

Innovative prosthetic systems adjust to your requirements

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Radspieler / brochure
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Symphonie Aqua Line, Booklet
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What our patients say

Ivo, the Powerhouse: My Mind and Body are Again in Balance

“My Mind and Body are Again in Balance”
Ivo, 40 years old, lost his left lower leg in an automobile accident in 2005. He has been a satisfied Romedis customer for the last five years and can once again pursue his passion for fitness with his new prosthesis.

Ivo, the Powerhouse


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