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Unsere Qualität bedeutet Lebensqualität –
ein hoher Anspruch

Langjährige internationale Erfahrung wird bei uns bestmöglich eingesetzt. Regelmäßige Fortbildung und eine ständige Weiterbildung sollen unsere Qualifizierung, Leistung und Technik optimieren und eine innovative Versorgung garantieren.
Der enge Kontakt mit Industrie und weltweit führenden Herstellern ermöglicht dies und setzt ein geschultes und kundenorientiertes Fachwissen voraus.

Innovationen werden im Rahmen von Veranstaltungen an Kunden, Interessierte, Physiotherapeuten und Ärzte ständig weitergegeben. Fortwährende Optimierung und Einhaltung der Unternehmensqualität ergänzen das ständige Streben nach Verbesserung im Sinne des Patienten.

About us

Simone and Andreas Radspieler and a strong team take care of you

What urges us on? First and foremost, we want to help disabled people to restore activity and mobility, so that they can live as independently as possible – to “just live.” The positive feedback we receive from customers ( I can feel my leg again!) is just wonderful and confirms our endeavors. Additionally, the enthusiastic response we receive from orthopaedic technicians encourages our efforts and makes us proud.

About us

Research and Development

In orthotics and prosthetics, generating mobility poses a challenge. Establishing a balance between individual requirements, mobility and necessity constantly demands technical development.
In a practical and forward-looking manner, we provide functional and marketable products, from the initial idea to their production. Our product innovation, which provides new systems in prosthetics, are setting global standards. Innovation enables society to meet its responsibility for raising the quality of life of the handicapped in an effective and practical way. Our product innovation in prosthetics is setting global standards. Orthopaedic technology is being redefined by Romedis’ innovations.

About us

Winner of the Federal Innovation Award 2017:
Symphonie Aqua System

For its outstanding innovative achievement, the Symphonie Aqua System was awarded the German Federal Innovation Prize 2017 at the international crafts trade fair in Munich (IHM). Developed by Romedis GmbH, it revolutionizes impression-taking technology for prosthetic sockets.

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What our patients say

Regained freedom of movement following 25 years of amputation!

Pure zest for life – regained freedom of movement following 25 years of amputation!

Markus K.


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