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Radspieler Orthopaedic Technology – for a better quality of life

Your Mobility is our Priority

Dear patients,

the name Radspieler means high quality services in orthopaedic technology combined with a commitment to your mobility. The protection of our employees and patients is the top priority as a responsible company. We have adapted the framework conditions to the current situation in order to continue to be there for you and to support your mobility and activity. If you have any further questions, we are happy to help you during our business hours.

Warm regards
Your Radspieler Team


Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

Radspieler Orthopädietechnik is the first in Germany to offer lower leg fitting with this new technology.

Anatomically perfect prosthetic socket Total surface weight-bearing in seconds

From a custom-fit cast (without plaster) to the prosthesis socket in just a few Minutes – more time left for your know-how and in patients-fitting.

With the new Symphonie Aqua System Polaris we are revolutionizing the Socket technology and give more time for patientcare. The socket is manufactured in one step and combines all the advantages of the Symphony Aqua technology.

Technicians and patients worldwide benefit from the new technology: Ultimate new materials, special-curing UV light, no plaster cast, no delay, no time-consuming processes of manufacturing and adjustment of the prosthesis socket.

Walk faster, walk longer, walk better!


Our promise for sustainability, climate protection and environmentally consciousproduction

With the Polaris-system, we can together contribute to sustainable and resource-saving environmental protection.

The new process reduces waste, water, energy and materials and time and technical effort significantly minimized for patients and technicians.

Booklet Polaris


Radspieler - Center for Mobility is a certified Symphonie Aqua Premium facility.

We treat lower leg, thigh and knee ex amputees with the Symphonie Aqua System (hydrostatic plaster cast in a standing position under full load).


Certified C-Brace Center 
Just Walk

You are cordially invited to a free C-Brace test by your certified C-Brace centre. You can get individual advice, become informed and try out the new orthosis system

Stabile walking without effort – the microprocessor-controlled orthosis system

The new C-Brace –- simply continue walking without planning every step.

  • Continue walking in a free, stable and unhindered manner.
  • Enjoy dancing and bicycling –- simply being active.
  • Walk with increased certainty.
  • Slopes, uneven ground, or steps are not a problem.
  • Sit down and stand up in a more harmonic and dynamic flow of movement.
  • Expend less energy.
  • Improve your posture.

Free test days from 14.09. - 16.09.2021
Register for a free test appointment on Phone +49 8035-9678780.

You can reach us by telephone at +49 8035-9678780 or by Email at info@radspieler-orthopaedie.de

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The innovative knee sleeve
for optimal mobility!

Symphonie Aqua Line Knee Sleeve for the vacuum socket system

The innovative, thin and flexible texture of the Symphonie Aqua Knee Sleeve combines adhesion and control with wearing comfort and mobility. The flexible material facilitates knee flexion and does not confine the residual limb. Enjoy long-lasting and comfortable usage in daily life and sports, due to not having any pressure on the patella, an absence of buckling in the bending area and no restriction of usage.

Whether sitting for long time periods, climbing stairs, bicycling or taking a walk – one can do it all without limitations!

  • High degree of mobility and flexibility
  • Superior level of wearing comfort
  • Easy to put on
  • Adhesion and control of the prosthesis
  • Freedom around the knee, no compressive strain and without folds in the popliteal area
  • No pressure on the patella


Cast taking while bearing full weight

The Symphonie Aqua System Digital makes it possible, for the first time, to determine the burden of the residual limb within the prosthetic socket. Thus, a completely accurate cast impression of the limb is formed while the lower extremity is experiencing full body weight. Your advantage: absolutely perfectly fitting prosthetic socket and less time spent for the fitting process.

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Free test in our Symphonie Aqua Fitting Center


Our products and services

Radspieler Orthopaedic Technology stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products, materials and service in orthopaedic technology.
We offer supplies in prosthetics (lower leg, thigh, arm, and hip) and orthotics, as well as individual cosmetics for prosthetic systems.

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Our Vision

Our commitment to your lives
The standard set by Andreas and Simone Radspieler is -- in connection with innovation and use of the most modern technology -- to provide suitable, customer-oriented service. The customer’s well-being is their main goal. Activity and mobility should be improved, enabling the customer the possibility of maximum independence.

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German Federal Innovation Award

Federal Innovation Award 2017
Symphonie Aqua System

The Symphonie Aqua System was awarded the German Federal Innovation Award at the Munich international crafts trade fair in 2017. Developed for wearers of prosthetic sockets, this innovation was a revolutionary breakthrough in impression taking technology for prosthetic sockets.

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